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  • Creative Ways to Decorate a Gazebo for Christmas

    Creative Gazebo Christmas Decorations

    A gazebo is a lovely place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It is an extension of the home, and it provides shelter from the elements four seasons of the year. Decorate this outdoor space for Christmas as you would decorate a porch or a three-season room. It will have a festive eye-catching new look for the holidays. Try these creative ways to decorate a gazebo for Christmas, and have fun decorating your outdoor sitting area. It can look absolutely beautiful, especially when lightly dusted with sparkling new-fallen snow.

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  • Creative Ways to Decorate a Gazebo for Fall

    Creative Fall Gazebo Decorations

    Many people would love to have a gazebo where they can enjoy gentle breezes without problem insects and direct sunlight. It is a comfortable place to sit and visit with friends and family or curl up alone with a good book. No matter the use, it can be as stylish as any room in the home. It is especially nice in the fall when temps are beginning to cool and leaves are beginning to turn. Use these creative ways to decorate a gazebo for fall, and make it a one-of-a-kind place to relax and enjoy the beauty of autumn.

    11/15/2016 Read More
  • How the Big Green Egg Became a Phenomenon

    The outdoor grill barely quivers, without billowing any eye-watering smoke signals, and it provides the only dash of deep color on this otherwise monochrome gray deck. To someone who hasn’t watched a cooking show or attended an upper-middle-class dinner party during the past decade, it would look distinctly foreign—either prehistoric or futuristic, as if it holds the fetus of a brontosaurus or thrums like some ominous extraterrestrial pod from science fiction. In any case, the Big Green Egg is about to hatch something wondrous.

    10/13/2016 Read More
  • When Do You Need Professional Help for Furniture Restoration

    Professional Furniture Restoration

    Furniture is an item that is quite expensive and therefore mostly a one-time investment. Most people, unless they are millionaires, would not go for new furniture unless it is absolutely necessary such as moving to a new house or if the existing furniture gets damaged beyond repair. So ultimately what happens is they continue with their old, shabby and faded furniture that might be 10 years old but look around 100 years old. It is during such situations that you need furniture restoration.

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  • Build A Barn That Works

    Building A Working Barn

    working barn mercer countyHorses, to me, deserve to be treated like family. That’s why I pay as much attention to detail in building a horse barn as I would in building a home. A well-designed, well-built horse barn is light, airy, pleasant to work in, easy to keep clean-and every bit as comfortable as your home. In the long run, it pays off in lower upkeep costs, fewer vet bills, and added property value.

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  • Backyard Swing Set Safety Tips

    swing set safety tips Mercer CountyThe Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that over 51,000 children each year receive emergency medical care as a result of accidents on home playground equipment and backyard swing sets. Over 80% of these injuries result from falls.
    Backyard swing sets and play structures are a popular form of home entertainment for children, yet remain a serious injury risk as well. To ensure your backyard swing set/play structure is safe for your children, follow these safety tips:

    06/22/2016 Read More
  • Wood Swing Sets

    Wood Swing Sets Mercer County

    Buxtons Backyard Structures sells the highest quality, best value wood swing sets and wood playsets on the market today. High quality manufacturing, innovative design, and a deep commitment to children’s safety & fun have been the trademarks of every children’s swing set and playset we sell for nearly 25 years. We offer flexible designs to fit any size backyard, with the widest range of swing, slide, and play accessories for kids of ALL ages.

    Modular design features let you custom-design your outdoor play center to fit your family’s needs, and best utilize the space you have available. Designed for durability, fun, safety and incredible value, we offer solutions for almost any budget.

    04/11/2016 Read More